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Career Counselling :

Choosing the right career path that is in consonance with an individual’s aptitude and skill set can be one of the most tantalizing decisions for most people. However, the right guidance and professional insight can make all the difference to this seemingly nerve-wracking decision.


At Global Academia, we follow a systematic approach to arriving at the best career path for you. Our career counselling service entails a zealous partnership that is forged between our professionally qualified counsellors and you, and we go that extra mile to hone in on the most suitable career that would enable you to attain job satisfaction and excellence in your professional life.

University Selection :

Our team of erudite counsellors possess the knowledge and the experience to furnish you with a wealth of information regarding the best institutions and the courses that they offer. The process of applying to Universities abroad can be a very time consuming as well as expensive affair. Apart from helping students select a University, our inclusive service also covers the entire gamut of the application process right from filling and submitting application forms to helping students navigate through the onerous visa process. Get in touch with us to understand how we can help you better to select University and the Course of Study

Recommendations / Assistance

Credible third party recommendations play a vital role in shaping the Universities decision to grant admission to a student. As a leading consultant in the domain of international education, Global Academia maintains long-standing engagements with world-renowned academic institutions abroad. By choosing us to represent your candidacy to admission authorities in various international colleges, you solidify your prospects of gaining admission into a reputable university

Admission Guidance :

Our counsellors are highly proficient and well qualified to guide students through the nitty-gritty’s of international college applications and admissions. Their extensive experience in the international education department enables them to successfully assess and align students with a desired college and course of study that is best suited for the candidate according to his individual abilities.

We charge a nominal token fee for a preliminary assessment. Once a suitable course of study is determined, students can choose our affordable admission guidance services to help them shortlist the most academically rewarding colleges abroad.  Global Academia engages in regular follow-ups with premier Universities abroad, which results in fast responses and an uncomplicated hitch free application.

Travel Assistance

For the average Indian, travelling abroad to join a course of study is a very expensive affair, given the skyrocketing nature of flight fares. Fortunately our strategic linkages with travel and airline companies place us in a position to provide you with complete assistance so that you may reach your destination in a cost effective way.

Our cheap and affordable travel assistance service will help you book flights well in advance so that you can avail of the best rates and discounts and depart at a time and date that is most convenient for you. Our travel consultants will also help you in identifying the most reasonable excess baggage schemes to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant journey without encountering any hiccups with airline authorities.

To realize how we at Global Academia  can help you with Travel Assistance options contact us.

Forex Assistance :

At Global Academia, we provide students with all manner of Forex related assistance at affordable costs. These can be in the form of currencies, cheques, DD’s, electronic transfers, post paid sim cards and more. We have established tie-ups with reputed Forex vendors, which ensure that students can avail of prompt services along with the best current exchange rates in order to make hassle free conversions and transfers

Pre-Departure Guidance :

Setting foot in a foreign land and getting used to an entirely different culture and way of life can come as quite a culture shock to most students. At Global Academia we feel obliged in our responsibility to holistically prepare students in advance so that they may acclimatize themselves faster upon reaching their new environment. In order to do so we have devised a pre-departure guidance program that readies the students with valuable insights of life on campus that they would witness during their time spent in a foreign land

Our Features

Globalacademia serves some better opportunity like Global Outlook, International Degree, Multi-Cultural Exposure, Personal Growth, Career Builder  to each student.



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